How to Increase the Life of Your Projector Lamp

Projector Lamps will last between 700 to 3,000 hours, with an average life of 1500 hours. It is important to note that your projector lamp will get dimmer over time! This means that when the lamp life is at “0” it is not the optimal time to change your projector lamp. Many customers like to replace their projector lamp half way through its life, to ensure they have a very bright image for their presentations.

The number of hours a projector lamp or projector bulb will last for is dependent on a variety of external factors. These factors are humidity, air pressure, temperature, dust levels, and physical impact.

Below are some tips from the Projector Lamp Source team that will help you get the most from your projector lamp:

  1. Probably the most obvious and easy thing to do is to ALLOW YOUR LAMP TO COOL DOWN after use. Projectors have a built-in fan that starts to cool the lamp when your projector begins to shut down. This means if you un-plug your projector directly from the mains (not allowing the fan to cool it down), it will reduce the life of your lamp.

  2. Ensure the projector is kept in the same position whilst the cool-down fan is operational

  3. Check your projector’s lamp and dust filters on a regular basis. The more dust that is in the projector the higher the temperature the lamp runs at (which reduces its life).

  4. If your projector has an ‘economy mode’ use it! Projectors fitted with an economy mode setting can sometimes increase lamp life by up to 50%!

It is also important to keep a spare projector lamp on hand. This is especially true for education, government and corporate customers. You don’t want a dead lamp stopping you from doing your presentation!

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